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Amazon Admits Alexa Voice are permanently stored

Amazon admits that Alexa records are permanently stored. Request for deletions can be made, but copies of these are still likely to exist in related systems. Amazon admits that Alexa recordings are permanent in response to a request for transparency. Users can request that their data is deleted, but copies of these are still likely…

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Android Backdoor Spys on users ​​using tampered imitation software.

Malware Viceleaker Targeted At Android Phones This malware sends private data from SMS, messages, and voice calls to the attacker’s servers. This malware is concealed in tampered versions of WhatsApp and Telegram and in a fake application call Sex Games for Adults.Read more about this here

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Andriod​ Hidden Malicious Malware

Stealthy malicious malware that evades Anti Virus detection on Android devices. New malware affecting Android devices has been found concealed in software that can be downloaded from the Play store. The malware is concealed in apps such as games and camera apps and uses techniques that prevent the dangerous components from being detected by your…